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      Earn an MVP status for your watch parties!

      Slam Dunk Your Way To Victory

      • Engaging Action: Every card presents several basketball situations, ranging from three-pointers to fouls, thefts, and slam dunks. An interactive element is added to your watch party when players take turns playing cards based on what's happening in the game.
      • Technique and Luck: While luck is important in the game, tactical thinking and foresight are essential for winning. Make intelligent card choices to outwit your rivals and win.
      • Enhanced Viewing Experience: Tip Off is more than simply a game; it's an improvement to your basketball viewing experience. Involve everyone, from die-hard supporters who dissect each play to casual watchers who enthusiastically applaud their preferred teams.

      Get Your Game Face On!

      • Slam Dunk: Trade cards to build your hand and strategize with up to 15 friends. Earn points for each time a game event occurs. Exciting twists keep the competition heated!
      • Buzzer Beater: A 2–8 player high-stakes game. Before the game, trade cards with the coach and ante up with 20 tokens. To win the pot, play your cards during the crucial moments of the basketball game. Exhilarating and quick-paced!
      • Double Double: Ideal for 1–5 players, 9 cards are dealt to each player, creating a 3x3 grid. As the basketball game progresses, flip the cards and the first person to flip all 9 wins!

      Where Every Card is a Game-Winning Play!

      Get your set today to enjoy the mania of basketball in a whole new way!
      Tip Off ensures hours of joy and anticipation for all those engaged, whether you're supporting your favourite side or indulging in a friendly rivalry.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Tip Off can be played by how many people?

      Because Tip Off can accommodate from 2 to 6 participants, it's perfect for little get-togethers or bigger watch parties with loved ones.

      Is Tip Off NBA-licensed?

      Despite being influenced by the thrill of basketball, Tip Off does not have an NBA license. Nonetheless, the game has unique graphics and themes that perfectly convey the spirit of the activity.

      Can I mix and match different Tip Off decks for bigger gatherings?

      Indeed! You can mix and match different Tip Off cards to accommodate extra players or spice up your games. Just make sure you factor that into the total number of cards handed to each player.

      How long-lasting are the Tip Off cards?

      Only the best materials are used to guarantee endurance and durability in the creation of Tip Off cards. To preserve their condition over time, it is advised to handle and store cards properly, just like any other card game.

      Are there any sophisticated methods or pointers for the game Tip Off?

      Although Tip Off is a simple game to pick up, winning demands strategic thinking and foresight into your opponents' next movements. To obtain the upper hand, try out various card combinations, observe how your opponents are playing, and modify your plan as necessary.

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