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      The Perfect Addition To Your Game Day Rituals!

      • Customized for Hockey Fans: Designed by hockey fans, for hockey fans. We've instilled the passion and excitement of our favourite sport into every part of this fun card game.
      • Ideal for Watch Parties: Puck Drop is the ideal accessory to enhance the excitement and camaraderie of any occasion, be it watching a regular season game with friends or throwing a party for the Stanley Cup Finals.
      • Fun to Play, Easy to Learn: Puck Drop is enjoyable even if you are not a hockey expert. The game's simple rules and lightning-fast action allow everyone to jump in and have a great time, from the initial face-off to the final bell.

      What’s Inside

      • Action-Packed Hockey Playing Cards: Every hockey card box is jam-packed with challenges and activities that will keep players on their toes.
      • Tactics and Chance: Will you play it safe and pass the puck, or will you take a chance and go for it all? Every move presents an opportunity to either win or lose with an impeccable balancing act between strategy and luck.
      • Infinite Replayability: No two Puck Drop games are ever the same, thanks to the multitude of game options and modifiable rules.

      More Than One Way To Play

      • Hat Trick: Ideal for 2 to 15 players, gather your line for the ultimate watch party experience!
      • Power Play: With 1 to 5 players, this quick-witted game amps up the action.
      • Face Off: This game, which can be played by 2 to 8 players, is perfect for those who like a little competition.
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      Where Every Card is a Game-Winning Play!

      Get your set today to enjoy the mania of basketball in a whole new way!
      Tip Off ensures hours of joy and anticipation for all those engaged, whether you're supporting your favourite side or indulging in a friendly rivalry.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is hockey expertise required to appreciate Puck Drop?

      Not at all! Puck Drop is meant to be easily accessible to gamers of all skill levels. Whether you're a die-hard hockey fan or you just like the rush of game day, you'll have a blast playing Puck Drop.

      Does Puck Drop need me to watch live hockey games in order to play?

      Although Puck Drop is designed to be played in combination with live hockey broadcasts, you may still benefit from the game's entertaining card mechanics and friendly competition, even if you're not watching in real time.

      What is the average length of a Puck Drop game?

      A Puck Drop game's duration varies based on the amount of participants and game style selected. A hockey game can usually go from one session to the whole duration of the game. You may, however, change the game's duration to suit your tastes and schedule.

      Can I change the rules of the game to suit my group's interests?

      Definitely! Because Puck Drop is so adaptable, you may customize the game modes and regulations to fit the tastes of your party. You are welcome to use your imagination and create changes to improve the game experience.

      For bigger groups, is it possible to merge numerous copies of Puck Drop?

      Definitely! You may mix and match different decks to play with more people or over extended periods of time.

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