The Pre-Game Warm Up

Before the first Puck Drop there are a few game time decisions that need to be made.

The Coach (aka the Dealer):

Pick someone to keep the card game moving while the hockey game is playing. It could be the party host, the most rule obsessed player, the rookie hockey fan, or simply the only one who bothered to read this Playbook. Just make sure they know, they are the boss.

Trade Deadline:

If someone gets dealt a duplicate card, they can hand it in for a new card from the Coach or you can require them to trade it with another player.

If someone is simply whining about their cards, we say too bad. However, you may decide trading in cards is allowed but we firmly believe trades are costly, and we don’t suggest you just let someone trade without some type of penalty.

Trade rules should be determined before the first Puck Drop.


While this game is fun, after an exciting 20 minutes of play time, everyone is likely ready for a chance to refill their ‘water bottle’, use the ‘locker room’, refuel or strategize for the next period.

Use the intermissions to collect and re-deal the cards and get ready to get back into the game before the Puck Drop again.

Instant Replay:

We want you to share your way of play with the Watch Party community. Tag us @watchpartygames on your favorite social media platforms or under the ‘Playbook Ideas’ link on our website (

Now, it’s time to Get Into The Game!