Hat Trick

The ultimate Watch Party for groups of 2 up to 15 players. Have more friends? Then you’ll need more decks.

The Coach shuffles the deck and deals 3 cards to every player.

Once the hockey game starts, everybody should keep an eye on the game for the events on their cards to occur. If you miss a play, don’t fret, there’s likely going to be an armchair ref in the crowd shouting calls as the game goes on.

OMG! It happened! Now what? Well we suggest you choose an option in the list below or get creative and make up your own rules.

  • The player gets one point and continues to collect points from the 3 cards in their hand for the remainder of the period.
  • The player gets one point, returns the card to the Coach and gets dealt a new card.
  • The player takes a drink. Use any beverage of your choice or even a sweet treat; “you do you” as they say.

After each period ends, the 3 cards in your hand are handed back to the Coach, and new cards are dealt.

Want to add some extra excitement? The Coach can also choose to deal three extra cards to an ‘Always in Play’ hand. If one of these extra cards hits, all Players earn or lose a point, take a drink or follow whatever your house rules dictate.

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Or the player who had the most drinks at the end of the game loses. It’s all about perspective!