Face Off

A Watch Party challenge for 2-8 players who like to put a little something on the line. Use poker chips, mini chocolate bars or a token of your choosing to play.

All players must ante up and then the Coach deals 5 cards to each player.

Like Five Card Draw, players have the opportunity to discard any number of cards and receive new ones from the Coach before the play begins. The first player to play all five cards (which means the event on the card has occurred in the live hockey game - obviously), wins the pot and the hand is redealt.

What happens if the period has ended and no one has played all five of their cards? Well the person with the most cards played could win the pot? Or, everyone can turn in their cards and the pot carries over into the next period? Or, keep playing for the remainder of the game? Whatever you decide, do it before the Puck Drop at the start of the game so friends stay friends.